1. Sleepwalker

    DESTINY 2 - 17 MAY, 2018

    What's New: Added support for showing the new Multi-Emotes. Added game type & teams to private matches in Game History. Added Crucible Valor/Glory ranks to player profiles. Added support for showing Seasonal Ranks in Vendors. Adding support for showing the contents of the Prismatic Matrix in...
  2. Sleepwalker

    DESTINY 2 - MAY 15, 2018

    Inventory Emblems introduced in Season 3 are now visible within the Emblem Collection for all players Fixed an issue where some players could not equip the Shadow Dance emote Vendors Fixed an issue where the Gunsmith was not selling Legendary Modifications to players who did not own...
  3. Sleepwalker

    DESTINY 2 - MAY 8, 2018

    Warmind Launch Warmind is now available Season 3 has begun Player Character General Players who own Warmind may now reach level 30 and Power level 385 Emotes Multi-emote is now available, and players can now configure all four emote options with player-selected emotes Emotes are now...
  4. Sleepwalker

    DESTINY 2 - APRIL 10, 2018

    Crucible Reducing Rumble player count from 8 to 6 Changes to respawn system to help prevent players from spawning near opponents General Fixed an issue where players were unable to load into the Tower Fixed an issue where Vendors sometimes would not load in the Tower Fixed an issue where...
  5. Sleepwalker

    DESTINY 2 - MARCH 27, 2018

    Strikes Nightfall strike unique rewards Possible rewards include Legendary weapons and Exotic accessories Drop rates increase in likelihood based on score thresholds Strike repetition reduction Players will no longer see the same strikes back-to-back in strike playlists Challenge Card...
  6. LoR_NiKoN

    DESTINY 2 - FEBRUARY 27, 2018

    Nightfall Strike Scoring Both normal and Prestige Nightfall now have scoring Enemy kills and orb generation will accrue points Highest set scores will display on each Nightfall’s respective emblem Scores above a target value will enable the Nightfall Aura and a fireteam Vanguard Token bonus...